Tramps Like Us And Yayoi Ogawa’s Other Mangas

Sequential Tart deems Yayoi Ogawa as writing a best josei manga (Tramps Like Us) published in English. She was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and started publishing in 1998 with her Baby Pop. Her most mangas are written in josei featuring Candy Life, Baby Pop and Kiss & Never Cry. Ogawa also resorts to shojo with her interests reaching further. Once she worked as an assistant producer and producer of animated movies Another Lady Innocent (OAV) and Hills Have Size (OAV). She has so far released about 10 interesting mangas like:
* Baby Pop (1998)
* Candy Life (1999)
* Extra Heavy Syrup (We Are Also In Arcadia) (2003)
* Tramps Like Us (Kimi wa Pet, 2000-2005)
* Baroque (2005 to the present)
* Gourmet yo Konbanwa (2006)
* Kiss & Never Cry (2006)
* Watashi no Sensei (2006)
* Figua yo Konnichiwa (2009)

Baby Pop is still one of Ogawa’s most popular mangas. It relates to Extra Heavy Syrup as its side story. Its 2 volumes tell about distrust between cute Nagisa and her brutal stepfather Ryunosuke.

1999 released a 1-volume Candy Life manga, a josei side story of Kimi wa Pet. Candy Life features Makoto dreaming of a sweet life but dumped by her boyfriend with all her money. Suddenly a prince-like Aeda CEO saves her from misfortunes. Again right before their marriage she messes up with his unidentified son, almost ruining her dream herself…

Tramps Like Us is Ogawa’s biggest manga with its 14 volumes. In 2003 it won Kodansha Manga Award in shoujo and underlay a TV drama series airing on Japan’s TBS that year. As said earlier, it also relates to Candy Life (Side Story) and Kimi wa Pet the Best (Alternate Story) released in 2002.

The series came out in 1 chapter (Pet), then in Kiss Carnival (June 2000) as 4 chapters and later in Kiss (late 2000 – 2005). The name of Kimi wa Pet came after the 5th chapter. Its licensed North American release was translated as Tramps Like Us. The series’ 1st volume was released in August 2004 and the final volume in February 2008.

Iwaya Sumire, a successful journalist loses her job for too much “perfection”. Lonely and depressed, she picks up an unconscious guy from a box outside her home. For his doggy resemblance she calls him Momo keeping him as a pet. However, unexpected obstacles make them feel attached. Is it relations or a game?

Originally Ogawa drew Momo with much more animal and easy characteristics from her stock characters.

2003 released a 1-volume Extra Heavy Syrup, a side story of Baby Pop. Here Yuki and Emiri work at Syrup Cleaning Service with a sole goal to find their childish boyfriend, Akira. It covers a 100-page story, We Are Also In Arcadia featuring Ryunosuke from Baby Pop.

2005 released Ogawa’s 1st fantasy, a 3-volume Baroque still in the works. In this manga Kabayama Atsushi grew from a prodigy into a regular schoolboy. Another world’s stranger, Trance asks Atsuhi for help as if Atsuhi was the chosen one to save the world…

Kiss & Never Cry (2006) now counts to 6 volumes of sports manga. Michiru is a happy little girl loving to skate and ice dance with a smart boy, Leon. After a family conflict she calls Leon to run away but he’s too scared. Hurt, Michiru runs away alone causing Leon and others search for her. They find her in a skating rink, now smileless…

In 2006 Ogawa also published a 1-volume comedy, Gourmet yo Konbanwa (Please Enjoy Your Special Dishes).

In a 1-volume comedy, Watashi no Sensei (2007) Yoshirouta Mayumi assists to the mangaka Ogawa Yayoi. Amid the hard work she discovers Ogawa’s loving and comic nature!

One of Ogawa’s latest mangas is Figua yo Konnichiwa started in 2009 with only the 1st chapters published so far. Please mind here Kiss & Never Cry and Baroque still being published. So her fans will be happy in the years to come.