The Adorable Raccoon Stuffed Animal

Even though teddy bear plush toys have been all the rage for more than one hundred years, over time wild animal plush have become increasingly popular. Raccoon stuffed animals, for example, are just one of the animal species that has garnered more and more interest of both collector’s and lovers of stuffed animals alike.

Raccoon stuffed animals look just like like the real thing; they have that mischievous black face mask which is what most people remember about these highly intelligent animals. Raccoons also have a signature big bushy black tail that is covered in five to ten black and brown rings. While raccoons generally have grey bodies, they can also vary in color from albino to black or brown. Most raccoon stuffed animals are made with grey plush fur, but they can also be found with brown plush as well.
Raccoons may look cute and cuddly but they don’t make great pets even though they are one of very few animals that can go from captivity, back to the wild; male raccoons have been known to become aggressive as they mature when in captivity thus they are usually set free. As is the case, a raccoon stuffed animal is a much better option.

Raccoons live in a wide variety of habitats requiring only water, food, and a protected type of ‘home’ in order for them to survive; this includes places such as swamps, marshes (both fresh and salt water), floodplain forests, and most cities all over North America. While raccoons are more known for their ability to climb, if forced to swim, they are very strong in the water. Taking a raccoon stuffed animal for a dip in either a pool, bath, or ocean, wouldn’t be wise it is a plush animal after all, and it’s fur wouldn’t do well if got wet.

Raccoons will eat just about anything they can get their paws on; in the wild, far away from city life, they eat frogs and various other small aquatic animals. Outside the water, they dine on mice and insects along with any eggs they can find in other animal nests. Raccoons also eat fruit and plants, though these are mostly scavenged from human gardens and farms. In addition, they are quite well known for taking the tops off of garbage bins and eating whatever contents they find inside.

Raccoon stuffed animals are not fussy eaters they need no food at all! They do require, however, lots of love and attention, especially the kind that comes in the form of hugs and kisses. While raccoons in the wild only live until they are two or three, a raccoon stuffed animal can be around for as long you want it to be.