The Brand Story Od Cartier For Readers

Cartier ( (Cartier) in1847 inFrance, this was United Kingdom Edward VII praised as”the Emperor’s Jewelers, Jewelers ofthe Emperor”, has now become the world’s top jewelry, watches, leather goods, accessories, eyewear and fragrance ofluxury brands, has the ultimate position ofhonor. Cartier (Cartier) is a France watches and jewellery manufacturers from Louis-Francois Cartier founded, Rue Montorgueil inParis in1847 bythe 31st. In 1874, his son Asia Cartier inherited his power ofadministration, from its grandson luyiCartier and Peel Cartier and Jims Cartier toits development into a world famous brand. Now Switzerland Richemont Group (Compagnie Financi reRichemont SA) subsidiaries. 1904 that pilots remove Tushan Al door design the world’s first worn onthe wrist watchestches– Cartier watches (Cartier Santos).

In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier tookoverhis teacher Adolphe Picard of Paris, Montorgueil Street, 29thin the jewelry workshop, Cartier (Cartier) brand was born. And realwillthisa brand pushed luxury throne of, is 1904Cartier (Cartier) for old friends Santos’s manufacturing of gold table, the paragraph wrist table regardless of design alsois workare let Santos greatly appreciates, the same year, Cartier ( (Cartier) became United Kingdom Royal of Royal jewelry supplier, thisa award behind of Halomakes Cartier (Cartier) to beyond other jewelry brand, a jumped became upper-class social of pet,and enduring.

Cartier (Cartier) three brothers traveled the world in the course of the experience of foreign cultures, also deeply affects the Cartier (Cartier) and boutique style. Their footprints all over the world, in 1902 and 1909, Cartier (Cartier) established a branch in London and New York respectively, and further laid the Cartier (Cartier) high culture.

Gorgeous shop welcome and send off honored guests at the same time, “conquest and capture more people the idea of” Cartier (Cartier) breeding and the spread of the third generation. Constantly all over the world and the three brothers precious design elements, feel around the cultural charm of also constantly absorb the vibrations of the nutrients. Classic Cartier (Cartier), “Love” bracelet series, a symbol of faithful love and faith, for decades, “Love” bracelet charms always makes one long for.

Cartier has been known as the Emperor’s Jewelers, Jewelers of the Emperor, members of the popular support over the years. have a uniform style and unique design, Cartier (Cartier) simple watches and fashion, the line clear not stiff, elegant and non-complex, always makes you love at first sight. Neutral, practical design suitable for all kinds of the wearer and the wearing of different occasions, making you feel you are always with the time, you are the master of time. This is also Cartier (Cartier) important reason for the success of wristwatches. In 1938, Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Cartier (Cartier) to design the smallest bracelet-watches appear in front of the world, since then, Cartier (Cartier) wrist watch fame far and wide in the world.