Reasons To Chosse A3 Printer Cum Scanner

Epson, Hewlett Packard, Canon and various other companies all provide the A3 printer cum scanners.

Handy Choice for Home Based Offices

Using an A3 printer scanner in home based office set up can be really advantageous, especially if your daily schedule involves lot of printing of memos, advertisement, and other documents that are larger than the standard A4 size sheet.

Actually, when you purchase an A4 size printer, then a good amount of money is wasted. And, when you look for a longer period of time, then you will see yourself spending quite a high amount of money for printing A3 size documents from outside.

More so, the pricing of A3 and A4 size printers are almost comparable (unless go by brand name and try to pick an expensive A3 printer scanner).

Benefits of buying A3 Printer Scanners and All-in-One Printers

There are several advantages of buying an A3 printer scanner, and all-in-one printers. First of all, they save the space occupied by multiple devices such as a printer, a scanner, a fax machine in the office. Moreover, buying 3-4 different machines is always costlier than buying an all-in-one printer.

A3 printers also have impressive networking capabilities. Therefore, if you’ve a network set-up in the office, and want to grant permission to a number of employees in the network to print directly, A3 printers can come in quite handy.

Last but definitely not the least; most of the A3 printers are capable of producing high quality printouts, due to the sheer fact that they’re designed for printing advertisements and materials that are fit for publications.

Shortcomings of A3 printer scanners

The major shortcoming of A3 printers is its high price and the fact that they are bulky in nature. Other than that, they are quite good in comparison to the small-sized A4 printers and are more advantageous as they can print memos, advertising related documents and scan other such materials that are greater in size as compared to the normal legal A4 size.

Main Contenders

Those who do not want to spend a lot of money on highly priced laser printers can go in for the HP Officejet 7000 C9299A Wide Format A3 Printer Scanner that costs 249.97 pounds or the Brother DCP6690CW A3 Inkjet Printer that costs 267.64 pounds which are the main contenders in this segment.

The Bottom-Line

Hence, all those who are looking for long-term benefits, A3 printers are an ideal choice and the advantages are much higher as compared to their few shortcomings. The model that you opt for is your personal choice. Keeping in mind your requirements and the budget that you have, you can buy a trustworthy and reliable A3 printer scanner out of the many present in the market.