Jack Russell Shaking Information

Shaking or shivering indicates that your dog could be suffering from injury, disease, medical conditions or uncomfortable environment. Jack Russell terriers usually shake or shiver although most owners of this breed claimed that their pet is perfectly normal. It is but a heart breaking scene, seeing your athletic and active dog shaking as if cold or anxious but you just cant do anything but wait until it stops.

There are several reasons why Jack Russell shaking episodes occurwhether you need to take your dog to the vet, or just another natural occurrence, such information is rather relevant to pet owners.

The number one cause of shaking occurrence by dogs is a condition called Hypoglycemia or known as Low Blood Sugar. Physically strong and active dogs lose their strength, making them shaky and weak. Such sugar content in blood is insufficient due to hunger; check if youre dog really has regular eating habit. He could have missed his meals for a long period of time, or he might be experiencing digestive upset so he cant eat normally.

Small dog breeds are the usual victims of Hypoglycemia as they have small body mass and small body mass results to difficulty in storing sufficient blood sugar in the body. As you notice dramatic changes in your dogs condition, fix it by supplying basic sources of sugar to increase blood glucose level. You can rub some honey on your dogs gums and eventually shaking episode stops after 15 to 20 minutes. This procedure also helps in gaining back his food appetite if done continuously every six hours.

Like human, dogs shake or shiver when its cold, as shaking is a defense mechanism of the body, producing heat to help regulate body temperature. Small dogs easily feel cold faster than larger dog breeds as their bodies store so much little body fat. Provide protective and warm clothing to reduce shaking. Wrap his body with towel after bathing to stop shaking. His fur must dry up as quickly as possible, using a blow dryer or by direct exposure to sunlight.

Another common cause of Jack Russell shaking episodes is a condition called Shaker Syndrome. It is rather considered strange because it is only common to dogs with small breeds and white coat. Most owners of small dog breeds, particularly Jack Russell, Chihuahua and Toy Poodle, observed that shaking episodes happen if dogs are faced with strong emotion like stress, nervousness, fear or excitement.

Shaking is assumed how Jack Russell Terriers vent their energy if they have no physical or mental activities as outlets. Remember, these breed of terriers have excessively high energy level, and must have outlets to release that energy. If they fail to do so, active Jack Russells can be destructive, while softer ones shake involuntarily.

Jack Russell shaking occurrence may have varying causes so jumping to conclusion is no good for you and your pet. Do keen observation, proper tests and seek advice from your pets veterinarian as needed.