How To Identify Genuine And Fake Ray-ban

Le Pen’s identification method:
Ray Ban sunglasses in the country(China) is not OEM factory (except Sport plastic box), so the only way to get the real thing is the mainstream (with domestic and overseas two). Is not difficult, please note the following:
1. To see work. Models and specifications are printed on metal Tuishang, not on the leg. Nose pads on RB fine sculpture, writing Xiuting; 2. Domestic licensed seller, should have the brand authority, almost no foreign channels;
3. Production of imported goods customs clearance certificates (Overseas Direct Mail products such file);
4. Some of the products specifications and nose RAYBAN carved below the words
5. Box: box work fine, domestic as plain, black, foreign as embossed leather, black and brown, and red;
6. Cloth soft, the fine fiber materials, rectangular, gray (other colors not seen the current version), yellow, beige and other nylon materials, absolutely fake goods.
7. Domestic channels should have a tag and instructions and the outer carton (O channels may be only a box and cloth)
8. Location: Ray Ban Sunglasses since 1988, had been acquired by the Italian eyewear giant LUXOTTICA, so now all produced in Italy, Le Pen, the U.S. production, not to mention false. (So-called U.S. is sold in the United States the meaning, origin is Italy.)
9. Price Genuine: General Rules of the Internet price of seventy to eighty hundred and thirty dollars to forty U.S. dollars, limited edition, commemorative edition more expensive; the domestic money price of an ordinary optical shops in between 1200-3500, limited edition of about 4000 , when the season changed, some optical shops may be promotional. Imitation: a two hundred or even dozens of blocks.
10. Labeling genuine: not all of the Ray-Ban sunglasses have a label, such as Le Pen but the classic lens G15, B15 lenses, are there to gold labeling, labeling and shiny; If the polarizer is red labeling. Imitation goods: gold label lost its luster, the labeling polarizer attached to the section on the common.