How To Choose A Ferret Cage

How to choose a ferret cage. In your quest to have a happy healthy pet you must start with the right equipment. How to choose a ferret cage is one of the most important issues to be addressed.

Ferrets love to run around the house much like your dogs and cats do. They are also tame and really cute and if you are new to having a pet ferret, you might think it a good idea to leave him the run of the house while you are at work or out.

But make no mistake, if you don’t want your house destroyed they need to be contained when they’re left alone or when they’re having a “time out.” If you choose a suitable ferret cage, your little darlings won’t mind staying in it for a few hours before it’s play time again.

The best cage characteristics.

If you are planning to purchase a cage rather than build one, then buy from a respected pet store online or locally.

Any kind of glass enclosure like an aquarium is not suitable because there is not enough ventilation. Choose a wire cage.

Ferrets need room to run and play, and they are generally not happy in cramped spaces. So make as much space as possible available for your ferret’s cage.

Investigate how easy the cage is to clean. Less complicated setups like easy pull-out trays and solid metal coated bases are good choices.

Ferrets are very clean animals and they like to have separate areas for eliminating, eating and sleeping. Make sure the cage you choose has provisions for this. Ideally it would have at least three divisions.

A cage with several doors is preferable. Ferrets like to run around when inside the cage, having only one door can make it difficult to get them out of their enclosure.

Good quality locks and clips are another feature to look for. Your ferret is clever and will find a way too escape if the lock is inadequate.

Ferrets love to ferret around, especially in dark tunnels and spaces. So a cage with tunnels and tubes and hideaways will help keep him entertained and busy while you are not there to play with him.

Once you’ve chosen and brought home your cage, it’s time to deck it out with all the tings your pet needs.