Ways To Prevent And Avoid Animal Attacks

Animals, no matter how tame they are can be dangerous especially when provoked. In fact, thousands of people have become victims of animal attacks every year. In the United States, there are about 4.7 million of such cases annually, and most cases are attributed to dogs, snakes, cat, camels and monkey.

Dog bite is the most common form of animal attack. According to statistics, roughly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year.

Dog bites are said to be the second leading cause of injury for children. And most of the dogs that bite are chained or confined.

Animal Attack Statistics

Of the millions of cases each year, around 800, 000 people needs medication for the injuries sustained; about 333, 700 are being taken to emergency unit; 6, 000 are confined in hospitals and; 12 people die from animal attacks.

Usually, children, ten years old and below, are the most common victims of attacks, and they constitute 60% of all the cases.

Indeed, the statistics is alarming. And it should be a great deal to provide knowledge and information on animal attack prevention.

How to Prevent Animal Attacks

Animal attacks can be prevented. The owners, particularly, can help lessen the risks of animal attacks. With proper obedience and training and by following safety precautions, such instance could be minimized.

Primarily, you should make sure that your pet is familiar with his environment. Make sure that he is exposed while he is still young. Train him and let him recognize the things he will encounter every now and then and introduce him to your friends, neighbors and other people.

Second, you must provide a safe surrounding for your pet. Do not put him in cage more often, so as he can easily adjust to the environment. Pets that are always on cage are terrified when they get out and it may trigger them more to bite or attack people around.

Third, you must play with your pet and let them feel they are comfortable and loved.

Teaching children to respect your pets is also one way of attack prevention.

Animal Attack Threats

Injuries that may be sustained from an animal attack can be serious and life threatening. It may even lead to death.

Rabies infection may threaten ones life and victims may suffer bone fractures, scratch, laceration, cuts and wounds that may lead to lifelong suffering.

Aside from injuries, animal attacks may also result to damages and losses that include medical expenses, opportunity to earn income and emotional damage.

Saving Yourself from Animal Attacks

You may never know when an animal could attack or bite you. And you would not also want it to happen. Hence, to save yourself from any form of animal attacks, you can do the following tips:

1.Do not approach unfamiliar animals even though they are tame or friendly looking.

2.Stay calm and do not scream when an animal is approaching.

3.Pay attention to the animals behavior. If you see or feel that the animal shows aggressiveness, stay away from it.

4.Lost animals especially dogs, must be reported immediately so that its owners may be contacted and be warned for any possible danger.

Safety tips and precautions are just, but among the so many ways of animal attack prevention. It is very important though, to pet owners, caretakers and community people to strictly follow and obey.

Anti Aging For Your Pets

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Air Travel Rules Flying With Pets

When it comes to air travel, a large number of individuals hit the skies daily. People fly for all different reasons. Some individuals need to make a business trip, others are visiting friends or family, others are going on vacation, and some are making a cross country move. If you are moving, there is a good chance that you may need to bring your pet along with you. If this is the case, you will find that you are subject to a whole new set of air travel rules. Before leaving for the airport, with your pet or pets in tow, you are advised to famialrize yourself with those rules.

The first step in traveling, in the air, with a pet is to make sure that they are even allowed. Certain pets are allowed to be on airplanes, but that does not mean that all airlines will allow it. If you are planning on traveling with your pet, you will need to inform your airline of this information upfront. This is vital because not all airlines will allow you to bring a pet onboard. Therefore, if you do not check with your airline before heading to the airport, you may be unable to board your flight.

When traveling with a pet, you will need to keep that pet contained. That means that if you are traveling with an animal, such as a dog or a cat, that animal will likely need to be in a carrier. When purchasing an animal carrier, it is important to know that not all carriers are permitted onboard. If you will be keeping your animal in the cabin with you, as opposed to having your animal treated as checked baggage, you will need to make sure that your pet carrier will not negatively affect other passengers. Your pet carrier must not block aisle ways or encroach on other passengers seating spaces. In addition to these general rules and restrictions, you may find that each airline has their own set of pet carrier rules.

Almost all airlines require that your pets have the proper documents before being allowed on their airplanes. These documents most commonly include information on your pets health. Most airlines require that your pet undergoes a medical evaluation before being transported by airplane. This information is not only used to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to fly, but is also used to ensure that they are protected with the proper vaccinations. Proper vaccinations will not only protect your pet, but other passengers, as well as airline staff.

Once you have received clearance from the airline, which you wish to fly on, purchased the appropriate pet equipment, and obtained the proper health checks for your pet, you will need to wait until your day of travel. On that day, you may want to arrive at the airport a little bit earlier than recommended. This will help to ensure that you could quickly straighten out a problem, without having to miss your flight, should one arise.

When you and your pet arrive at the airport, whether it be early or not, you will both be required to go through airport security. Your pet will be required to pass through a metal detector, just like everyone else. If you are using a pet carrier, it is also likely that your pet carrier will be subject to examination. This examination most commonly includes being sent though the x-ray machine with your carryon luggage; however, it is important to note that your pet will not have to go through the x-ray machine; the metal detector should be enough.

As previously mentioned, not all airlines allow their passengers to fly with their pets, even in the cabin or below deck. That is why it is advised that you determine whether or not your pet can fly with you, ahead of time. In addition to different air travel rules, you may also find that some airlines charged extra fees for pet passengers. In the event that you are charged, you will be notified of this charge ahead of time.

Distinct Varieties Of Savannah Cats Smart Pets For Your Home

While Savannah cats are a rather new and also spectacular cat, various types of Savannah cats and kittens have existed for some time now. The criterion in line with which their classification is identified is their distance from the original Serval and domestic feline mating. A filial number is assigned to every one of the Savannah kittens given birth to, to ensure that future owners will know what to prepare for when acquiring one of them. This specific filial number may also be used for competitions, because only F1 kittens and cats can be part of TICA contests. Yet, precisely what does each and every filial number really mean and just how will they make the unique variations of Savannah cats seem not the same as one another?

F1 – This is the kitten that features a domestic cat as well as a Serval as its dad and mom. It often will be half Serval, however it may possibly elevate to 75% in the event the domestic cat used in crossbreeding is another F1 Savannah cat. Generally, it is the first iteration of Savannah cats which usually maintain a great deal (practically all) of a Servals traits and appearance. These cats are definitely the largest sized and most wild, however they still are generally amiable and loyal cats.

F2 – This category of Savannah cat features the Serval as its grandparent and F1 Savannah felines as its mother and father. It is however quite close to the Serval, carrying 25% of the blood of this particular African cat. It is still very nearly as sizeable and energetic as an F1 Savannah.

F3 – This type of Savannah features the Serval as its great grandparent and possesses only 12.5% of the Serval’s blood in its body. This Savannah is the final generation until the completely identified and authorized Savannah cat. Though it’s smaller in size than the F1 along with F2 types, this still allows for a really amiable and smart domestic pet.

F4, F5, and F6 – All of these Savannahs are actually the “ideal goal” or perhaps what may possibly be called the veritable Savannah cats. Their proportions usually are smaller and, with the F5 group, the male Savannah becomes ready to replicate (even though the female Savannah is able to reproduce from generation F1).

The design and style with Savannah cats can also be distinctive from one generation to another. Even though the F1 Savannah maintains the same color styles in addition to layouts as a Serval, with an increase of dots and fewer lines, the more current types start adjusting their particular color styles and incorporating more lines to their coat.

In order to make the best selection, it is actually highly important to recognize the features associated with every Savannah cat type, in addition to the generation that the feline is part of. Almost always this is explained to you by the Savannah’s seller, however if you aren’t provided with this important information, then you should solicit more details until eventually you fully understand everything you need to regarding this variety of cat. Being familiar with further detail means having the ability to take care of them more appropriately!

Why Pet Photography Is Big Business

Pets provide a high level of enjoyment to people of all ages. They are playmates with young kids, an exercise buddy for middle aged couples and a companion to the elderly. Research has actually shown that widows that have a cat or dog actually live longer than those without a pet.

They can help relieve stress, but most important, a pet is a true friend. A pet is loyal and will not bad mouth you to all the other neighbourhood animals. They require attention, but in return, will give you so much more.

So it’s no surprise that animal owners like get images of their furry friends. Unfortunately the average life span of a cat or dog can be anywhere between 8 and 16 years, so holding on to long lasting memories can be very important. Similarly, pet owners see their animal as a family member and want to have photos of them up around the house, like they would a daughter or son.

Because of this, pet photography is big business, all over the world. Being able to capture animals at their cutest or most exciting is no easy task, and a professional pet photographer can demand good money for their services. Specialist photographers have extensive experience taking photos in their specific niche, so an animal photographer knows exactly what does and doesn’t work when it comes shooting (with a camera) a dog, cat, guinea pig or whatever pet you might have.

You may choose to get your pet photographed on its own, with its favourite toy, or with your whole family. Generally, the photographer will ask what kind of photos you’d like, but then also suggest some ideas they think would work well. In the modern age of digital cameras, it allows them to take dozens of photos without driving up the price of the session,
and only choosing the select few that look best.

Don’t try and get too creative though. Pets wearing clothes might seem “cute” to you but it may look cringeworthy to others. If you are planning on having the photo mounted on your wall at home that friends will see, ensure the image is something that people will appreciate, and that captures the personalitly of your animal.

If budget is an issue to you, you might look to submit your photos to a women’s magazine, or local photography competition. These places often offer cash prizes for winning photos, which would help pay for them in the first place! Be sure to check with the photographer first that it’s okay to do this.

So get the pet photographer to be creative and try lots of different shots from multiple angles. This will maximise the chances of getting the perfect photo of your perfect friend!

Automatic Dog Food Dispensers Feeds My Pet While You’re Away From Home

Automatic dog food dispensers were devised for people that need a helper to help them feed their pet daily while they’re at work, away from home, or just too busy. This electronic dispenser isn’t just useful for you but also to your pet, assuring they are getting fed at the appropriate times throughout the day. Whether you’ve got a family pet that has to eat at 5 AM every morning or one which has to hang about until you come dragging in at the end of the day before they can eat their dinner, automatic dog food dispensers seem like a good product.

Automatic dry dog food dispensers come in sizes to accommodate any size pet. Every food dispenser is made of a a digital programmable clock, food bin and bowl allowing you to set the feeding times you want your pet to eat and the amount of pet food to be dispensed at each meal. The majority of units allow one, two, or multiple feeding times every day, and will keep the schedule every week, month or year unless you want to reprogram it.

Many automated dispensers may be set for smaller quantities dispensed throughout the day allowing you to manage the serving size of your pet’s individual little meals which may be quite helpful for dogs suffering from quite useful for pets diabetes, eating disorders or for older dogs who are slowing down.

Many name brand manufacturers of automated pet feeding dispensers design models which are battery operated, requiring the batteries be changed a few times a year. Many other dispensers come with an electrical power cord. When deciding which unit meets your needs look at where it’ll be put inside your home and if you have power available close by. You should also take in consideration whether your pet wants to chew on everything. Some manufacturers do offer devices that cover their power cords with the protective sheath which makes it near impossible for your pet to chew through it.

There are three sizes of automatic dog food dispensers available. For any dog that weighs just under 10 pounds the smallest automatic dog food dispenser is appropriate. The bowl reaches the perfect height for your little pet and also the food bin can hold up to as much as five lbs of dried pet food. If your dog weighs over ten lbs but less than 25, the medium size electronic food dispenser is ideal. It will hold up to as much as ten lbs of your dog’s favorite dry food. For large dogs weighing more than 25 pounds the largest size automatic dog food dispenser can hold up to twenty lbs. Nearly all manufacturers don’t advise using any moist pet food in any of their models.

Whether you are contemplating purchasing an automatic dry dog food dispenser simply because your life is hectic or you just slip up and forget to feed your pet throughout the day, it can be good for your dog also. Eating on a more regular and consistent time schedule everyday and eating the correct serving size at each meal, can really help sustain your pets health and well being, and add quality years to their life.

Grooming Checklist For Owners Of Pets

Pets are lovable friends to human beings and some people pamper them as their own kids. Due to the great love they have for their dogs, the owners are ready to do anything to keep their lovable animal active and playful. When it comes to maintaining the health of those domestic animals like cat and dog living under the care of their masters in Jacksonville, pet grooming in Jacksonville, FL can be the best option. This sort of regular grooming from the professional service provider can keep the animals away from minor to major health problems. As a caring and loving owner, an individual should take care of certain things for ensuring the health of his/her pet and the same is given below:

First of all, the individual should prepare a checklist of grooming supplies needed for ensuring the health of the dog/cat. Profession firms providing the service of pet grooming in Jacksonville FL can provide the right kind of guidance in this respect. Even, some of these firms have such type of supplies in their store itself in such a way that customers bringing in their dog for grooming can purchase the required supplies for using in their own home for making their little one happy and active. Some of the products that will be helpful as given below:

There are great chances that if the pets are left to freely move outside, there are chances that they will acquire some sort of debris and this will increase the chances of mite and flea growth thereby causing damage to the skin of the animal. For furry animals, maintaining the hair at shorter level will be helpful for the owner to identify this type of organism in the skin so that appropriate measures can be taken for immediately removing them. So, having an own set of clippers can be helpful so that the owners can trim the hair of the animal then and there. Here, some people are using scissors and clippers meant for human for doing this. But, for better results, those specially meant for these animals should be procured.

Most of us cannot even imagine about spending days together without bathing just because of the fear for bad smell. The same thing will happen to dogs as well. Bathing not only removes dust and dirt from the skin, but it will also keep the pet away from infection. This is rightly accepted by professionals offering dog grooming in Jacksonville FL. Here, they are also suggesting that the right shampoo appropriate to the breed of the pet should be selected.

Tips To Make Ideal Dog And Cat Boarding Selection

Our pets should be the real concern for us. There are people who keep the pets at home but fail to provide them proper care and affection they need. However there are another group of people who take every possible step for caring for their pets and provide them the affection like their own child. But it has been seen that people sometimes fail to do the perfect job when they need to out for a while. Fortunately there are boarding services for them which can take all the care. The boarding houses for pets have become one of the most common choices of pet owners. It is significant that the boarding for pet holds several advantages for pets as well as for pet owners which have led it to such preferences.

There could be countless advantages of considering the pet boarding for your pet but that can only be availed if you have made the right selection of boarding facility. There are various options available for this purpose and if you will research about it then you will find several alternatives and options for this requirement but of course, not all the boarding facilities would be suitable for your requirements.

You would need to do research and analysis for this to make a perfect selection. It is not always important that you check whole background of the boarding facility or you might not need to do deep research all the time but when we do quick research then we usually leaves the important things that we should enquire. So, here I am sharing with you some important tips that will help you to make a perfect selection of dog and cat boarding facility.

It is not always necessary that the boarding service provider facility that you find on the top of the results in search engine will necessary provide you efficient and satisfactory results. So, do research and visit multiple providers to find the perfect one. It might take little time but dont hesitate because it is necessary. There are several things that are important in boarding facility but most important thing that you should see in boarding facilities is its services that they are providing in dog and cat boarding. You should make sure that they are providing all the services that could be required or necessary for your pet.

When you make the selection on the basis of services then make sure that you see that their prices includes all the available or necessary services. Make sure that they dont need any extra charges for specified services. The price range of the services also differs in different boarding facilities so make sure that you do enough research to know the genuine service price. And also, make the comparison of multiple dog and cat boarding service provider companies so that you can find most affordable and cost worthy Service Provider Company for your pet.

Household Safety Measures For Pet Owners.

A video surveillance system can be an integral aspect of residential security systems. It affords you the convenience of seeing who is at your door or on your property from a safe distance. With remote access, it allows to you to respond to an alarm while you are out by actually being able to see the event. If a crime does occur, residences with security cameras are statistically more likely to achieve closure and limit the overall damages.Configured with Pets in MindIt is crucial to account for all family pets while planning and installing residential security. Consider that video surveillance often works hand in hand with motion sensors, and pets can wreak havoc on a motion-based system that is not optimized. This is true for other aspects of a home security system as well, so when discussing the system and the service with the provider, emphasize these concerns so they can be accommodated.Many Benefits for Pet OwnersIncluding pets in the residential security discussion in the same way that you include your family members also provides many advantages to you and for your pets. It is important to consider how a family can use video surveillance and other security components to protect it pets better rather than just to consider those pets in the light of a being potential problem areas.Check in on Pets Home AlonePerhaps the greatest benefit of Web-enabled security cameras for a pet owner is that the person can monitor the pets from their desk at work or from a smartphone while sitting in traffic on the way home. You get great peace of mind from the knowledge that you can simply check in on them whenever you’d like, and if there is an emergency, you will be better situated to take action.Restricted AreasOne of the great concerns with leaving pets home alone are restricted areas, such as a cabinet under the sink where you maintain all of your household poisons. With a proper system, you will receive notification when the area becomes compromised, and the system can be set to provide you a feed of that compromised area automatically, which will help you to take the appropriate action.Monitor Environmental ConditionsAnother advantage of a pet-minded security system is that you can monitor environmental conditions. Consider an emergency where the air conditioning has failed in the summer and dogs and cats are stuck inside the home. These types of sensors aren’t limited to just dogs and cats, however, and you can even use them to monitor the water temperature for a fish tank or monitor the heat level for a terrarium.Remote AccessRemote access is a common feature on modern security systems, and it allows you to not only access but to manipulate various components of security and home automation. If, for instance, you’ve received an alarm that the home is too hot or cold, then you could adjust the thermostat from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Access opportunities include lighting, entry points, entertainment devices and custom equipment, such as a pet feeder.Help is on the WayThe other advantage of having a robust security system that accounts for your pets is that in the event of a real emergency, you can rest assured that help is on the way. You can even coordinate with the monitoring station so that they know exactly who to call in the event of a pet emergency.

KOIN – 3G WiFi Tracker Router Manufacturer – Pet Tracker Manufacturer

History Radio origins KOIN began in 1925 as a radio station, KOIN-AM. It became part of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), now known as the CBS Radio Network, in 1930. During the golden years of radio, KOIN-AM was one of Portland’s major radio stations, with an extensive array of local programming, including live music from its own studio orchestra. As a CBS radio affiliate, KOIN-AM was the local home for CBS radio network programs such as the CBS World News Roundup, Lux Radio Theater, and Suspense (KOIN’s own history page has omissions and errors in its early days. KOIN radio signed on the air as KQP on November 9, 1925 and changed call sign to KOIN on April 12, 1926. KOIN became a CBS Radio affiliate on September 1, 1929. From: Craig Adams, radio historian). Television station KOIN-TV began operating on October 15, 1953 as Portland’s first VHF TV station. At the time, it was owned by Mount Hood Radio and Television, a group that included Advance Publications, owner and publisher of The (Portland) Oregonian; local investors and Marshall Field’s department stores.[citation needed] The Oregonian also owned KOIN radio (AM 970 and 101.1 FM). Eventually, Marshall Field sold its stake to Advance. KOIN-AM (now KCMD) and KOIN-FM (now KUFO) were sold off when Lee Enterprises purchased KOIN from Mt Hood broadcasting in October 1977. A year later a production company MIRA Mobile Television was founded. On February 28, 1971, both transmitter towers used by KOIN-FM and KOIN-TVhe 1,000-foot main tower and the 700-foot auxiliary towerollapsed during an ice and wind storm. The two KOIN (AM) towers, located on the same property, were not damaged. Nine days later, on March 9, 1971, KOIN-FM and KOIN-TV returned to the air when a temporary tower was erected on the site of the collapsed auxiliary tower. During those nine days off the air, CBS programming was provided to the Portland market (and, by extension, most of Oregon) by independent station KVDO-TV of Salem. (Oregon Public Broadcasting later purchased KVDO and moved the station to Bend as KOAB-TV. During the 1970s, KOIN had a few locally-produced programs on the air, including KOIN Kitchen (cooking show), and public affairs programs such as News Conference Six and Northwest Illustrated.[citation needed]) In 1976, KOIN-TV became the second TV station in the Portland market (after KPTV) to broadcast Portland Trail Blazers basketball games. Selected Trail Blazer games aired on KOIN-TV until 1996. KOIN-AM was the first flagship station of the Trail Blazers’ radio network, beginning in the inaugural 1970-71 season, and ending when the station was sold shortly after the Trail Blazers won the 1976-77 National Basketball Association (NBA) championship. By the 1980s, one of KOIN’s past general managers – Richard M. “Mick” Schafbuch – served one term in 1981 as President of the CBS Network Affiliates Group. During KOIN-TV’s 30th anniversary week in 1983, the station aired classic CBS programming from the 1950s and 1960s. By this time, the station had moved into its new location at KOIN Center. In 1984, the station aired the Japanese program From Oregon With Love. In October 2000, the Lee Enterprises television group, including KOIN, was purchased by Emmis Communications. On January 27, 2006, Emmis sold KOIN (along with KHON-TV/Honolulu, KSNT/Topeka, and KSNW/Wichita) to Montecito Broadcast Group for $259 million. The KOIN Center is the third-tallest skyscraper in Portland. Due to a dispute over fees, Comcast did not offer KOIN in HDTV for over two years after it started offering other local channels in HDTV.[citation needed] After Montecito took ownership, Comcast started carrying KOIN in high-definition on February 28, 2006. KOIN was also in a dispute with DirecTV over HD broadcast, as both sides claimed the other to be the problem.[citation needed]As of August 2008 KOIN HD is now carried on DirecTV. KOIN updated its website in September 2006 as part of a partnership with WorldNow. KOIN expects the switch to lead to over $1 million in revenue during its first year; the switch was characterized by Bob Singer, KOIN’s general sales manager, as a “creative new way” to boost revenue for a station with a “somewhat average ratings position.” On July 24, 2007, Montecito announced the sale of all of its stations (KOIN, plus KHON-TV in Honolulu and its satellites, KSNW in Wichita and its satellites, and KSNT in Topeka) to New Vision Television. The sale closed on November 1, 2007. In March 2008, KOIN relaunched its website through Newport Television subsidiary Inergize Digital Media, replacing the old World Now-powered site. The Web sites of several of its sister stations in other markets also joined the Inergize Digital Network in late December 2008 and early January 2009. On December 30, 2008, one of the 15 guy wires on the main transmitter tower snapped, putting the tower in danger of collapsing. (As with the 1971 tower collapse, this incident followed a prolonged snow and ice storm.) The Portland Police Bureau evacuated about 500 local residents and closed several roads around the tower, including a portion of Skyline Boulevard, the main north-south road through the West Hills of Portland. At first, officials feared that the wire itself — which is over 1000 feet long and weighs several tons — had snapped. If the wire had snapped, it would take several weeks to manufacture and install a replacement. Upon inspection it was revealed that one of the high frequency insulators incorporated into the guy wire assembly had shattered. Repair crews replaced the insulator by 4:00 p.m. the next day and the surrounding neighborhood was reopened to residents and car traffic. KOIN had to pay $1,500 to the FCC. News Operation This section is written like an advertisement. Please help rewrite this section from a neutral point of view. (February 2010) On February 1, 2007, KOIN became the first Portland station to broadcast its daily newscasts in widescreen. According to Oregon Media Insiders, during Montecito’s ownership of KOIN, its local news ratings declined in all time periods; among the four stations producing local news in the Portland area, KOIN had the greatest loss in audience share. For the first time in ten years, KOIN finished in first position in the 11 pm news in the May 2008 NSI sweeps.[citation needed] A strong performance from CBS prime certainly helped. KOIN News 6 at 11nlike a year earlier when it lost over twenty percent of its CBS lead-in shareeld its prime time share throughout its 11 pm newscast in the May 2008 NSI sweeps.[citation needed] In January 2008, KOIN’s owners, New Vision Television, fired news director Jeff Alan and replaced him with Lynn Heider. As a result, KOIN was forced to drop their slogan “Bringing News Home” because Jeff Alan had trademarked it under his name in 2000 before he worked at KOIN. Under new News Director Lynn Heider and long-time Creative Services Director Rodger O’Connor, KOIN News 6 at 11 increased its household ratings from May 2007 to May 2008 by twelve percent and its household share by nineteen percent. It increased its household ratings by 30% from February 2008 to May 2008 and its household share by 33%.[citation needed] According to General Manager Christopher Sehring, “The defining moment for KOIN News came in the third week of the sweeps. Up until then, we were having a strong ratings run against some terrific competition. Unfortunately, we then lost two straight nightsnd I was worried that these losses might shake our new-found confidence. Fortunately, our team roared back on Thursday night, delivering an 8 household rating by increasing Without A Trace 19 share lead-in to a 21 share. This type of comeback is indeed the sign of a station that refuses to toss in the towelnd will go a long way to helping us continue New Vision’s plan to reenergize this great operation.”[citation needed] This was the first time in a decade that KOIN has won any newscast. The hard-fought win at 11 pm was particularly impressive since the May Nielsen is the most important sweeps period of the year[citation needed] — and the 11 pm news is considered the most prestigious newscast of the day for the majority of television stations across the nation.[citation needed] On September 9, 2009 KOIN launched a new local program at 4 p.m. called Keep It Local. The show’s goal is to explore local neighborhoods and events that take place in Portland. Priya David hosts, and Jenny Hanssen, Mike Donahue, and Araksya Karapetyan report for the show every weekday at 4pm. News Team Current personalities Current Anchors Ken Boddie – weekends at 6 and 11 p.m. Priya David – weekdays “Keep It Local” (4 p.m.) Kelley Day – weeknights at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. Alexis Del Cid – weekends at 6 and 11 p.m. Mike Donahue – weekdays at noon and “Keep It Local” (4 p.m.) Jeff Gianola – weeknights at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. Jenny Hansson – weekdays at noon and “Keep It Local” (4 p.m.) Kacey Montoya – weekday mornings “KOIN Local 6 Early” Eric Taylor – weekday mornings “KOIN Local 6 Early” Local 6 Skywatch Weather Team Bruce Sussman – Chief Meteorologist; weeknights at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. Tim Joyce – Meteorologist; weekends at 6 and 11 p.m. Sports Team Dan Christopherson – Sports Director; weeknights at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. Tim Becker – Sports Anchor; fill-in Reporters Lisa Balick – political and “KOIN Savers” feature reporter Ken Boddie – general assignment reporter Alexis Del Cid – general assignment reporter Mike Donahue – general assignment reporter Art Edwards – general assignment reporter Amy Frazier – general assignment reporter Tim Gordon – general assignment reporter Jenny Hansson – health reporter Kohr Harlan – general assignment reporter Joel Iwanaga – general assignment reporter Tim Joyce – general assignment reporter Araksya Karapetyan – general assignment and “Keep It Local” reporter Carly Kennelly – traffic reporter Alana Kujala – general assignment reporter Kacey Montoya – general assignment reporter Jessica Morkert – general assignment reporter Eric Taylor – general assignment reporter Notable alumni Carlos Amezcua – Reporter (now with KTTV in Los Angeles) Christine Chen – Reporter Lars Larson – morning show host of “The Buzz” (1998-2000), now talk radio personality at KXL Rick Metsger – Sports reporter, now politician Charles Royer – Reporter, mayor of Seattle, Washington (1978-1990) Barry Serafin – Reporter News/Station presentation Newscast titles KOIN Television Newsreel (1953-1961) The Six O’Clock Report/The Eleven O’Clock Report (1961-1967) Newscene (1967-1973) Channel 6 News (1973-1976) Newsroom 6 (1976-1994) NewsCenter 6 (1994-1997) KOIN 6 News (1997-2004) KOIN News 6 (2004-2008) KOIN Local 6 News (2008-present) Station Slogans The Northwest’s Most Experienced News Team (1980s-1994) Experience You Can Trust (1994-1997) People Make the Difference (1997-2004) News That’s To the Point (2004-2006) Bringing News Home (2006-2008) This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions. Digital television After the analog television shutdown scheduled for June 12, 2009, KOIN remained on its pre-transition channel number, 40 using PSIP to display KOIN’s virtual channel as 6. On June 12, 2009, KOIN stopped transmitting regularly scheduled programming over its analog transmitter. At 7:28 a.m. on that day, the analog signal (also heard at 87.7 FM) began carrying “nightlight mode” programming consisting of English and Spanish language public service announcements regarding the DTV transition. On June 27, 2009, at 7:06 a.m. KOIN stopped playing the nightlight program and played the station’s 25th anniversary special for their final 24 minutes of channel 6 analog; at 7:30 a.m. analog 6 (and 87.7 FM) was gone. Translators KOIN is rebroadcast on the following network of translator stations. K04CX Channel 4 Cascadia K07YV Channel 7 The Dalles / Goldendale, Washington K09KW Channel 9 Trout Lake, Washington K11NM Channel 11 Monument K29EL Channel 29 La Grande K30IV Channel 30 Enterprise K32DE Channel 32 Pendleton / Hermiston / Umatilla K34DC Channel 34 Astoria K38CZ Channel 38 Newport / Lincoln City K39ES Channel 39 Wasco / Heppner K41GG Channel 41 Rockaway Beach K41IP Channel 41 Longview, Washington K42AI Channel 42 Baker City K43CP Channel 43 Elgin K52ET Channel 52 Tillamook (Moving to Ch. 23) K53EI Channel 53 Hood River (Moving to Ch. 38) K53EK Channel 53 Milton-Freewater (Moving to Ch. 22) K56CD Channel 56 Maupin (Moving to Ch. 19) K58BK Channel 58 Madras / Culver (Moving to Ch. 32) K63AW Channel 63 Grays River, Washington (Moving to Ch. 29) K65AE Channel 65 Terrebonne (Moving to Ch. 34) Low power translators in Florence, Seaside, and Sisters have been discontinued. Bend area translators KBNZ-LD Channel 7 Bend (City Grade Signal-Digital) K04BJ Channel 4 La Pine K31CR-D Channel 31 Bend/Prineville (Wide Area Signal-Digital) K34AI Channel 34 Sunriver K52AK Channel 52 Prineville (City Grade Signal) (CP: to Ch. 47) External links Official website Query the FCC’s TV station database for KOIN BIAfn’s Media Web Database — Information on KOIN-TV Program Information for KOIN at TitanTV.com References ^ ^ a b c KOIN History from the station’s website ^ Miller, Joel “J. R.”. “KOIN Transmission Towers Collapse – 1971”. rockininquad.com. Archived from the original on 2007-10-10. http://web.archive.org/web/20071010105232/http://www.rockininquad.com/joel+miller+memories.htm#koin. Retrieved 2009-11-23. ^ Oregon Kara Ai wiki ^ …Here comes KOIN.com, from the Oregon Media Insiders blog ^ Nine Station Groups Sign New Partnership Agreements from the WorldNow website ^ Broadcasters Learn the Secrets to Making Online Millions…, from the PR Newswire website ^ Michael Malone (July 24, 2007). “New Vision Buys Montecito Stations”. Broadcasting & Cable. http://broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6462752.html. Retrieved 2008-05-30. ^ KOIN goes widescreen from the Oregon Media Insiders blog ^ February 2007 Ratings from the Oregon Media Insiders blog ^ http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/02/portland_tv_stations_backtrack.html ^ CDBS Print vde Broadcast television in Portland/Salem, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington Metro Portland KATU (2.1 ABC, 2.2 This TV) KRCW-LP 5 (The CW) KOIN (6.1 CBS) KGW (8.1 NBC, 8.2 Estrella TV) KOPB-TV (PBS/OPB, 10.1 HD, 10.2 SD, 10.3 “Plus”, 10.4 FM) KPTV (12.1 Fox) KOXI-CA 20 (A1) KNMT (24.1 TBN, 24.2 TCC, 24.3 JCTV, 24.4 Enlace, 24.5 Smile) K26GJ-D (26.1 religious) KORK-CA 35 (HSN) KEVE-LP 36 (Ind) KKEI-CA 38 (TEL) KPXG-LD (42.1 ION, 42.2 Qubo, 42.3 ION Life) KUNP-LP 47 (UNI) KPDX (49.1 MNTV) KOXO-CA 51 (TFR) Metro Salem KOAC (PBS/OPB, 7.1 HD, 7.2 SD, 7.3 “Plus”, 7.4 FM) KORS-CA (16.1 HSN/A1, 16.2 BVM, 16.3 A1) KWVT-LP (17.1 A1, 27.1 RTV) K21GX 21 (religious) KPXG (22.1 ION, 22.2 Qubo, 22.3 ION Life) KSLM-LD (27.1 RTV, 17.1 A1) KRCW-TV (32.1 The CW, 32.2 Universal Sports) K50GG 50 (MNTV) KXPD-LP 52 (AZA) La Grande KTVR (PBS/OPB, 13.1 HD, 13.2 SD, 13.3 “Plus”, 13.4 FM) KUNP (16.1 UNI) K23DB 23 (MNTV) K26FV 26 (NBC) K29EL 29 (CBS) K31GN 31 (The CW) K33FS 33 (FOX) K35GA 35 (ABC) The Dalles K06NI 6 (A1/WSTV) K07YV 7 (CBS) KRHP-LP 14 (FN/Worship/COR) K18HH 18 (ABC) K31HZ 31 (PBS) K51EH 51 (FOX) K59EK 59 (NBC) K69AH 69 (MNTV) Cable-only CSN Northwest CVTV (Vancouver, WA) FSN Northwest Northwest Cable News The Oregon Channel TVW White Springs Television See also Seattle, Eugene, Bend, Yakima/Tri-Cities and Boise TV vde CBS Network Affiliates in the state of Oregon KOIN 6 (Portland) – KBNZ-LD 7* (Bend) – KTVL 10 (Medford / Klamath Falls) – KVAL 13 / KPIC 4 / KCBY 11 (Eugene / Roseburg / Coos Bay) – *Semi-repeater of KOIN, Portland See also: ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, ION, MyNetworkTV, NBC, PBS and Other stations in Oregon Categories: CBS network affiliates

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