Automatic Dog Food Dispensers Feeds My Pet While You’re Away From Home

Automatic dog food dispensers were devised for people that need a helper to help them feed their pet daily while they’re at work, away from home, or just too busy. This electronic dispenser isn’t just useful for you but also to your pet, assuring they are getting fed at the appropriate times throughout the day. Whether you’ve got a family pet that has to eat at 5 AM every morning or one which has to hang about until you come dragging in at the end of the day before they can eat their dinner, automatic dog food dispensers seem like a good product.

Automatic dry dog food dispensers come in sizes to accommodate any size pet. Every food dispenser is made of a a digital programmable clock, food bin and bowl allowing you to set the feeding times you want your pet to eat and the amount of pet food to be dispensed at each meal. The majority of units allow one, two, or multiple feeding times every day, and will keep the schedule every week, month or year unless you want to reprogram it.

Many automated dispensers may be set for smaller quantities dispensed throughout the day allowing you to manage the serving size of your pet’s individual little meals which may be quite helpful for dogs suffering from quite useful for pets diabetes, eating disorders or for older dogs who are slowing down.

Many name brand manufacturers of automated pet feeding dispensers design models which are battery operated, requiring the batteries be changed a few times a year. Many other dispensers come with an electrical power cord. When deciding which unit meets your needs look at where it’ll be put inside your home and if you have power available close by. You should also take in consideration whether your pet wants to chew on everything. Some manufacturers do offer devices that cover their power cords with the protective sheath which makes it near impossible for your pet to chew through it.

There are three sizes of automatic dog food dispensers available. For any dog that weighs just under 10 pounds the smallest automatic dog food dispenser is appropriate. The bowl reaches the perfect height for your little pet and also the food bin can hold up to as much as five lbs of dried pet food. If your dog weighs over ten lbs but less than 25, the medium size electronic food dispenser is ideal. It will hold up to as much as ten lbs of your dog’s favorite dry food. For large dogs weighing more than 25 pounds the largest size automatic dog food dispenser can hold up to twenty lbs. Nearly all manufacturers don’t advise using any moist pet food in any of their models.

Whether you are contemplating purchasing an automatic dry dog food dispenser simply because your life is hectic or you just slip up and forget to feed your pet throughout the day, it can be good for your dog also. Eating on a more regular and consistent time schedule everyday and eating the correct serving size at each meal, can really help sustain your pets health and well being, and add quality years to their life.