Dog Flaps Advantages And Disadvantages

Are you tired from assisting your dog that has been barking endlessly for you to open the door for him? This is one common problem for pet owners. It’s one reason why pet doors were made.

Pet doors give access to your dog. They can be easily installed to your wall, panel or doors. One version of a pet door is the dog flaps.

A dog flap is a great way of giving independence and security to your dog. It can be easily fitted to your wall, panel or door.

Although dog flaps can provide several advantages to pet owners and their pet dogs, several disadvantages have also arises. These disadvantages have been addressed with different types of pet flaps made through the years.

A dog flap is a small door that is big enough for your pet dog. These manual dog doors are made of basic metal or plastic flap that can be installed in a wall or a door.

Flexible types of flaps are made of plexiglass and other clear hard plastic. They require a separate panel that slides down to secure the doorway. It is also heavy which will require your pet extra effort to push the flap.

There are different types of dog flaps. The basic one can give access to your dog whenever they enter or exit the house. Any animal that can fit through it can open the basic dog flap.

Another type is the “key- operated” dog flaps. These “keys” can be sensors or magnets. These keys are attached to your dog’s collar. It gives signal to the door to open once the animal is near. After the animal passed through, it automatically closes.


Dogs are easily trained on dog flaps. Since these doors are a two-way system, your dog can be easily trained to get in and out of the door by just pushing it.

It provides access to your dog without your assistance. Your dog can have his freedom in entering and exiting his way without your assistance once he learns how to use it. You can continue whatever you’re doing without being a ‘doorman’ to your dog.

It provides security to your pets. Your dog flap is installed based from your dog size. If your dog is being bullied or chased by larger animals, he can right through it for his protection.

It secures your wall, door and furniture from damages and scratches. Your pet dog doesn’t need to scratch or jump to other opening in your house just to get out or in of the house. With dog flaps, your walls and furniture are safe.


1. It can give access to other animals and intruders. Other animals like raccoons, squirrels, the neighborhood’s pet, and even snakes can enter the conventional types of pet flaps.

Some intruders find their way inside the house with the use of dog flap. It’s one main reason why pet owners are hesitant to install pet doors in their house.

2. Manual dog flaps are not weatherproof. One problem for it is the access of harsh elements such as snow, rain and strong wind. It is advisable that you provide a lock to your manual dog flap if this type of flap is just the ‘swinging’ type.

However, different types of dog doors were made to address the disadvantages seen from the conventional types. Electronic and automatic dog flaps are specially made for your pets access only.

Also, dog door flaps have sturdy material that can resist rusting and have powerful locks that can control entry of weather elements and unnecessary entrance of other animals and intruders.

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Then there’s the chewing gum minefield and the charity people.

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Part of Luiz’s reputation undoubtedly stems from his style and

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